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GAMEnglish Book A +12 posters

GAMEnglish Book A +12 posters

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GAMEnglish Book A +12 posters
GAMEnglish Book A +12 posters

GAMEnglish Book A for kids who want to practice English with games

When fun goes out of education, so does the learning.

GAMEnglish is a three-level primary English series that will help children practice English in game-like activities. GAMEnglish makes language learning experience fun and memorable through a variety of activities revolving around the adventures of a fantasy character, Hyper, as well as the unit posters that colorfully display the target language introduced in the units.

Exploring the life of Hyper throughout the book, children will unlock engagement and find learning English more exciting than ever!


  • Engages all learners through the fantastic life of Hyper

  • Motivates learners to reach their full potential through a variety of fun-filled activities

  • Teaches learners the target level vocabulary items through the engaging activities in the units and the catchy unit posters that make learning a part of learners' lives

  • Gives practice in the target language, creating a world of excitement

  • Builds confidence, empowering students in stress-free and motivating activities

  • İnspires a love of learning