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Ivan the Fool + MP3 CD (YLCR-Level 4)

Ivan the Fool + MP3 CD (YLCR-Level 4)

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Ivan the Fool + MP3 CD (YLCR-Level 4)
Ivan the Fool + MP3 CD (YLCR-Level 4)
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A farmer has three sons: Simeon, Tarras, and Ivan. Simeon is a soldier. Tarras is a merchant. Ivan is a fool. These brothers are different, but they are happy together. The Old Devil does not like that. With the help of three small devils, the Old Devil tries to make brothers fight. Only one brother gives the Old Devil trouble. He is Ivan the fool.

Young Learners Classic Readers provide beginning English-language learners enjoyable and easy reading practice of famous stories from around the world. Young English-language learners will enjoy developing their vocabulary and reading fluency with the easy-to-read adaptations included in this varied collection of well-known tales for children.

Each story includes:

A short introduction
A picture gallery of characters
A story including full-color illustrations and highlighted dialog for easy recognition of spoken language
A short playlet
A word list with pictures
Audio recordings