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Little Bo Peep + Hybrid CD (LSR.4)

Little Bo Peep + Hybrid CD (LSR.4)

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Little Bo Peep + Hybrid CD (LSR.4)
Little Bo Peep + Hybrid CD (LSR.4)

Little Bo Peep has sheep.
But she loses her sheep one day.
Where can she find her sheep?

Little Sprout Readers is an exciting four-level series of nursery rhyme readers for young learners of English. The readers are carefully levelled to be entertaining and educational. The series includes fun animations and easy-to-learn dance videos that bring the stories and songs to life. Children will love reading the stories, singing with the songs, and dancing to the music.

  • Colorful illustrations that engage young learners

  • Short, memorable stories that provide an excellent foundation for reading

  • Combination of a story, a song, and a dance make help students remember and acquire language chunks

  • Review activities that help consolidate learning

  • Rhymes help students improve pronunciation and rhythm

Components: Story Book, Hybrid CD,Videos