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Uncommon Type

Uncommon Type

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Uncommon Type
Uncommon Type
Vintage Books London

A small-town newspaper columnist with old - fashioned views of the modern world. A World War 2 veteran grappling with his emotional and physical scars. A second - rate actor plunged into sudden stardom and a whirlwind press junket. Four friends traveling to the moon in a rocketship built in the backyard. These are just some of the stories that Tom Hanks captures in his first work of fiction: a collection of shorts that explore - with great affection, humor, and insight - the human condition in all its foibles. The stories are linked by one thing: in each of them, a typewriter plays a part, sometimes minor, sometimes central.

To many, typewriters represent a level of craftsmanship, beauty, and individuality that is harder and harder to find in the modern world. In these stories, Hanks gracefully reaches that typewriter - worthy level. By turns whimsical, witty, and moving, Uncommon Type establishes him as a welcome and wonderful new voice in contemporary fiction