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The Acorn-Planter The Acorn-Planter

The Acorn-Planter

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The Acorn-Planter
The Acorn-Planter

"SIn the m morning of the world, while his tribemakes its camp for the night in a grove,RedCloud, the first man of men, and the first manof the Nishinam, save in war, sings of the dutyof life, which duty is to make life more abundant.ThThe Shaman, or medicine man, sings ofThforeboding and prophecy. The War Chief, whocommands in war, sings that war is the onlyThffway to life. This Red Cloud denies, affirmingthat the way of life is the way of the acornplanter,and that whoso slays one man slaysthe planter of many acorns. Red Cloud winsthe Shaman and the people to his contention."