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The Admirable Crichton

The Admirable Crichton

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The Admirable Crichton
The Admirable Crichton
Platanus Publishing

"I refer to Lord Brocklehurst, who, I am sure, will presently say to me that if the charming lady now by his side has derived as much pleasure from his company as he has derived from hers, he will be more than satisfied. (All look at Tweeny, who trembles.) For the time being the artificial and unnatural--I say unnatural (glaring at Crıchton, who bows slightly)--barriers of society are swept away. Would that they could be swept away for ever. (The Pageboy cheers, and has the one moment of prominence in his life. He grows up, marries and has children, but is never really heard of again.) But that is entirely and utterly out of the question. And now for a few months we are to be separated. As you know, my daughters and Mr. Ernest and Mr. Treherne are to accompany me on my yacht, on a voyage to distant parts of the earth. In less than forty-eight hours we shall be under weigh. (But for Crıchton's eye the reckless Pageboy would repeat his success.) Do not think our life on the yacht is to be one long idle holiday."

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