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The Holy Piby The Holy Piby The Holy Piby

The Holy Piby

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The Holy Piby
The Holy Piby

"...From the beginning there was God and he spake and all things were made that are made. The sixth day God made man for his glory, and all things were given unto him for his possession and for his use the woman hath God made of man and for the glory of the man that she serve him and raise up seed unto him. And God rested the seventh day and hallowed it that men should do also. Now when the man saw the woman that was made of him and for his glory, he loved her and married with her, consequently she bore children unto Him and they became the father and mother of all men. And God called the man Adam and the woman Eve. They were of a mixed complexion. And it came to pass that God commanded the man to give names to all things that are made..."