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Treatise on the Diseases of Women

Treatise on the Diseases of Women

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Treatise on the Diseases of Women
Treatise on the Diseases of Women
Platanus Publishing

"Rules to be Obser ved.—A few rules should be carefully followed during each menstruation, in order that future trouble may be prevented. First of all, it is necessar y to avoid taking cold; yet a person should not stay in the house by the side of a fire, or in a warm room all the time, for this would increase the susceptibility to cold.

Care should be taken to avoid undue exposure, for nothing will disturb the menstrual process quicker than the sudden chilling of the body, especially when moist with perspiration. Intense mental excitement should be avoided, also. If the young girl is at school, she should be told to studymore lightly at this time; while any great excitement of any kind, as giving way to anger, or extreme merriment, should be avoided.

The feeling of debility and depression which usually accompanies this time is a gentle warning by nature that the body should remain quiet and at rest.

It is natural for many persons to be especially depressed at this time; an effort should be made by those who understand the situation to make ever ything as agreeable and pleasant as possible to the sufferer."

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